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Looking for ideas on how to quit smoking?  Look around our site for help answering your questions about different types of E Cigarettes, E Liquids and other methods to help you kick the habit and become a non-smoker for the rest of your healthy life.

E Cigarette Plus

Don’t let your dream of quitting go up in smoke!

My opinion on how to quit smoking?  I think the Volt E Cig is a great start.  Once I no longer want a cigarette, I’ll quit the ECigarette too.  But for now this is the best choice for me.  Electronic Cigarettes contain nicotine (you choose from 0mg to 24mg when ordering your E Liquid).  This helps with cravings but without the tar and chemicals that are in cigarettes.  

There are many flavors of E Liquid from regular tobacco, menthol, fruit flavors and  Dessert Flavors.

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