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E-Cigarettes May Help More Than They Hurt

Have you seen this article put out by Bloomberg last month?   Claiming that  E-Cigarettes May Help More Than They Hurt.

Now I don’t know about you but I do believe ECigarettes are better than inhaling all the tar and chemicals that come with cigarettes.  I know several people who have used an ecig or mod, also known as vaping, to quit and have done so successfully.    They all feel better then they did when smoking regular (analog) cigarettes.  I have also used ecigarettes several times and have quit for several months at a time and also felt better.

Unfortunately, I have gone back but only for a few months (summer) and then back to the ecig way of life in the cooler months.  I slip up when being outside enjoying campfires, friends and drinks.   The winter is easier because, really, who wants to be outside freezing to have a cigarette?  Not this girl.  I do believe that E-cigarettes may help more than they hurt.

I believe everyone has to choose what works best for them and their health.  I know there are many companies, people and governments that want you NOT to use ecigs and make them sound worse than they really are but that’s MY personal opinion.  Check out the two videos below and see what you think.

Watch this video to learn more as a doctor explains more about Ecigs.

Also don’t miss this one where they do a test with a regular cigarette vs. ecigs, the results may just SHOCK you!

I use the Smokeless Image Volt electronic cigarette* and the Halo Reactor and Halo Go* and enjoy them all.   Tell us what you think.

*I receive commissions for purchases made through links on this page.  Although I don’t make much  I do enjoy bringing this info to you.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

The New Halo E Cigs Mini Tank Review

Check out this video I found about the HaloCigs mini tank!

People who have tried the mini tank have loved it, you can get yours here.  They’re saying the mini tank is one of the best ways to vape your e cig.  It gives a lot of vapor and nice throat hit with more of a pull.

I have to say that Halo makes a quality product.  I have the Reactor and am very pleased with it. I love that their e liquids are made in the USA.


Review of Halo’s Triton Kit

Halo’s Triton Kit is pretty awesome.  And the iridescence finish is gorgeous!

Halo Triton Tank System

The Halo Triton is an updated e-cig battery with a tank system. The battery is bigger compared to a regular size battery (which looks like the size of a real cigarette), and the tank holds even more e-juice than a regular cartridge.

If you take a look at the products on Halo’s website http://halocigs.com, you’ll see they have a really great choice of colors, with a sharp metallic appearance.

They’re the trendiest of the leading e-cigarette companies on the market for visual appeal.

Here’s what we think:

My overall opinion of the Halo E-Cigs brand is I like them as a whole.  Not only with their product quality, but also the overall amount of starter kits they offer.

Today I’m going to discuss the Halo Cigs Triton Starter kits.

If you’re not familiar with a tank system, more commonly called “tanks”, they are bigger, and bulkier versions of an e-cigarette.  They are popular with people try to quit smoking traditional cigarettes (because of the throat hit they produce) and with enthusiasts who really enjoy trying the different kinds of non-traditional and traditional e-liquids or e-juices as they’re typically called.

The Triton Single Kit comes with:

A 650 mAh battery, a 2.4 ml Triton Tank, a USB charger and a 7 ml bottle of E-liquid (18 mg nicotine level)—it’s everything you need to get started vaping.

The Full Triton Starter Kit comes with:

Two 650 mAh batteries, two tanks, a USB charger, a wall charger, a nose cone and a carrying case.

If you already know your way around the e-cig world and want a little something that will produce a lot of vapor, you may wish to get involved in the growing trend of e-cigs and choose a ‘tank’ battery.

It’s not a secret that these batteries are downright vapor BEASTS. They produce vapor on a higher level than the traditional e-cig batteries, which is a big plus if you are ever in a contest with someone over who has the most powerful e-cigarette that produces the best vapor.

Triton Battery and Variable Voltage Battery

If Want A Serious Vape Halo offers an upgraded variable voltage battery as an option for the Triton.
This makes it possible for  you to change the voltage output, which will create even more vapor, and it can even have an impact on the flavor.

Cons of Triton Tank Systems

The con’s might not really be cons as much as they are inconveniences but in all fairness here they area:

They have a proprietary thread, which nowadays is a little bit of a disappointment since there are many interchangeable universally threaded tanks and batteries on the market.

Tanks can be big and bulky for some that like the size of a regular cigarette. They don’t resemble a cigarette and people may ask questions about it which for some may make them feel out of place.

The atomizer needs to be replaced.

You need to refill the e-liquid cartridges.

If these few things don’t bother you then this is the route you may wish to} go.  I myself LIKE these features in an e-cig.

More Things we Like:

There are many varieties/flavors of e-liquid you can use in your Triton tank so you’ll never get bored and you have access to many flavors.

Halo e liquids are made in the USA.

The Triton Tank System Starter kits come with several battery colors to choose from so you can get one to fit your personality.  I like the Iridescence.

If you want to order, visit Halo here and please post any comments and reviews here on this page.  We want to hear your experience with your Triton E-cig.


Halo Electronic Cigarettes

Halo Electronic Cigarettes, the 75% cheaper, no tar, no tobacco alternative to smoking. You could be saving over £1600.00 a year as a 20 a day smoker. Electronic cigarettes contain none of the harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco based products.

Halo’s products are made in the USA, which I think is a big positive for their brand.

Halo the US’s premium Electronic Cigarette. Halo e-cigarettes are the most authentic tobacco alternative as they look, taste and feel just like a cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes provide the nicotine hit, but have no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or the additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Switching to electronic cigarettes can save the average smoker 75% compared to tobacco cigarettes, making e-cigs the perfect smoking alternative! Electronic cigarettes use the most technologically advanced cartomisers providing 400 2-second puffs. For comparison, most people take between 8-12 puffs on a regular cigarette.

The halo electronic cigarette is a two part electronic cigarette. An inbuilt dual coil atomiser in the cartridge means more vapour, more ‘throat hit’ and no fiddling around with multiple parts.

Is it really just like smoking?
Very Nearly!

You’ll find that the electronic cigarette looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. (It’s a little heavier, but we find most people get used to that very quickly.)

When you inhale on an electronic cigarette you take in a water vapour. The smoke effect is created by Propylene Glycol, which is also used in stage smoke. Propylene Glycol is a very safe substance which is also used in drinking water, air-conditioners, asthma inhalers and cosmetics. Crucially, though, no combustion takes place. And that means none of the smoke and tar that causes smoking diseases.

Welcome to a new way of smoking, a new way of living without cigarettes. Welcome to Halo Electronic Cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or vaporize cigarette, is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. In addition to purported nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no smoke or combustion is actually involved in its operation. (from wikipedia)

Welcome to a new way of smoking, a new way of living without cigarettes. Welcome to Electronic Cigarettes – A cheaper, healthier alternative to cigarettes and tobacco.

Need more information about electronic cigarettes? Visit our website to find out more.  https://ecigaretteplus.net/ or visit Halo Site

The Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

When you inhale on an electronic cigarette, the end “lights up” (glows) just like a real cigarette. However, instead of inhaling tar and the other gunk that helps clog up our lungs and arteries, you only inhale a vapour which contains nicotine or not depending on what you choose.

The e-cig tastes, feels and looks like a normal cigarette. Well, almost – some of our customers believe it actually tastes better!

Please note that we do not claim this is a healthy cigarette. It still contains nicotine, which is addictive and may be harmful. However, many other nasty substances such as arsenic and formaldehyde have been removed from the cigarette.

And that’s not the only benefit. It is far cheaper to “smoke” than the equivalent. This alternative e-cigarette is also odor free, meaning that you can escape from the clinging smell of your cigarettes.  And perhaps most importantly, the electronic cigarette is not harmful to others around you.


Halo E Cig Review: Halo Triton Starter Kit E-Cigarette

Are you planning on making the switch from traditional
cigarettes to e-cigarettes and are wondering which among
the many e-cig brands to go for? Or are you looking to
upgrade to a better and far more superior e-cigarette than
the ones you are currently using?

Halo E Cig Review: Halo Starter Kit, Halo Triton Starter Kit E-Cigarette

You have a lot of options, but there is only the one — best
— choice: the Halo Triton Tank System Starter Kits.
Operating on the Triton Tank System, definitely the best
tank system available in the market today, these starter
kits include everything you need, whether you are just
starting out as an e-cig user, or simply taking a step up
from your old e-cig kits.
The Halo Starter Kits also include a battery life that is long
lasting and will never let you down. Aside from crystal
clear tanks, you will also get a USB adapter, a wall
charger and a Halo case.
With 11 colors to choose from, you will also have more fun
choosing which one will reflect your personality and your
personal style best! Why not choose the feminine Pink
Starter Kit, the mysterious Iridescence, the eye-catching
Electric Lime, or the elegant Titanium Kit. Of course, you
can also go for the Jet Black Triton Tank System Starter
Kit if you want.

Halo E Cig , Halo Triton Starter Kit E-Cigarette

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SHOCKING!! The truth about traditional cigarettes vs e-cigarettes.